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Set aside 30 minutes to practice your Spanish skills in real time!

  • Online Meetup

Service Description

Are you learning Spanish as a second language? Do you wish you had more places to practice to improve your fluency, understanding, and grammar in Spanish? Trust me; I've been there., which is why I created Spanish for Speech Language Pathology's Conversational Meetup! Our program offers a convenient, online space where you can practice and continue to improve your Spanish with other Spanish-speaking SLPs. We provide a comfortable setting through our small group meetings, with individualized guidance from our Spanish for SLP staff. What's included? Meet with other SLPs (SLPAs) and the Spanish for SLP staff to practice speech therapy activities or regular conversation in real-time! Participate in conversation topics and activities provided by Spanish for SLP. Receive individual feedback and support Put your Spanish knowledge to use to increase your confidence. Workaround your schedule and virtual, join where you can when you can.

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