FAQ: How did Spanish for SLP come about? A brief version.

Updated: Jan 18

I already work a full-time job, so why add more to my plate? The answer is simple. I want to contribute a valuable program to my community of speech language pathologists (SLPs) and the families they serve. I created Spanish for Speech Language Pathology, a program for English-speaking SLPs to familiarize themselves with Spanish. The goal is to help SLPs learn some Spanish by using the same language facilitation strategies when working with families. Through learning Spanish, SLPs can better advocate for continued native language use at home. They can demonstrate empathy with individuals struggling to learn a second language. And finally, they can improve their rapport with family by utilizing simple Spanish in their interactions when appropriate.

Pictured: Amy with her dog, Nora. They appreciate their free time with a beautiful New England hike!

I did not grow up in a native Spanish-speaking household. I learned Spanish through various educational, vocational, and linguistic experiences, which resulted in the skills necessary to converse, read, and write in Spanish.

One day I thought, what if I could share this gift with others? The thought process propelled my idea into reality and created the company, which now stands as a vessel to share what I have learned. There is a much longer version of this origin story - but you can hear about that later. For now, I wanted to share with you the reason behind the madness (in this video below).

I would love to meet you and share more about our programs. If you have any questions or want to learn more, please email my team at learn@spanishslp.com, and I will connect with you! You can find information about our classes and register for a course at www.spanishslp.com.

Sending you well wishes for this near year. Stay safe, healthy, and happy.

Hasta luego,


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