Reasons to see a pediatric Speech Language Pathologist (SLP)

Updated: Mar 8

Pediatric SLP are available to help individuals birth to early adulthood. They can provide a variety of services for feeding, speech, language, and social skills.

Here’s a list of comments that are commonly shared by parents. If these sound familiar to you, it may be beneficial to look into how speech therapy can help.


“My child is having trouble bottle feeding”

“My child is a picky eater”

“My child coughs or chokes when eating or drinking”

“ My child is having trouble gaining weight”


“My child doesn’t listen to me”

”My child only listens when he/she wants”

”My child doesn’t respond to his/her name”

“My child is having trouble keeping up in school”


“I am having understanding my child”

“I find I’m interpreting for my child, people don’t understand him/her”

“My child is not talking like others his/her age”

“My child has trouble saying certain sounds”


"My child's words get stuck"

"My child stutters"

SOCIAL SKILLS My child doesn't seem to get along with kids his age.

My child is sometimes outside of the group

My child doesn't seem to understand emotions.

My child has trouble problem solving.

My child has trouble predicting what comes next.


“My child is having trouble reading or spelling”

"My child has trouble explaining what happened or telling stories"

"My child is having trouble in school"


"My child has a hoarse voice”

"My child is constantly losing his/her voice"

"My teenager has trouble breathing when exercising"


“My child has trouble changing routines or plans”

"My child is always getting frustrated at home"

"My child is having behavioral problems at home or school"

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