Milestones Made Simple - Expressive Communication

Updated: Jan 16

The fact that children are able to learn languages so naturally is an amazing feat. Learning a language is HARD WORK. Have you ever tried to take a french class as an adult? I sure did, it went terribly.

If you think your little one might have a delay, you may want to refer to the following reference guide for expressive communication milestones from 1-3 years of age.. Please keep in mind this is an average. Some kids may reach some of these milestones earlier or later than others. However, research shows that children generally follow the same pattern of language learning.

In case you are reading this in panic, I will share with you the wise words of my father " don't forget to breathe". Language and speech delays are very common, but there are people who specialize in tricking (I mean teaching) little ones to communicate in a much more specific way.. A child who is able to learn how to communicate more clearly makes your life as a caregiver easier. Just imagine how much time, effort, and patience you would save if you didn’t have to take everything out of the cabinet to find out what snack Johnny wants during his meltdown!

Sure, it can feel unsettling to consider that your little one is showing signs of a delay. Feeling upset is totally normal. However, research indicates that finding help earlier than later can help many kids catch up, and even help some kids "get ahead" of their peers come time for school. Pretty neat, right?

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