Lets Move! Indoor activities for stir crazy kids.

Updated: Mar 8

Here our out top recommendations for getting more movement at home! With these activities you can practice following directions, using new words or words in a variety of ways, and taking turns!



If you don't have an indoor swing, use a sheet or blanket and make home-made swing. Have your little one sit inside, lift them up (carefully) and swing them around!


Follow this link for examples on how to use a blanket for a parachute.


Lay blanket on the floor. Sit child on blanket and pull them around the room like a sled. If you have more than one child they can try to take turns, this is 'heavy work' which can help them get out the extra energy/wiggles and keep them regulated from a motor/sensory standpoint!


(WE <3 Youtube)

Here are some songs that incorporate movement:

- Head Shoulders Knees Toes

- Freeze Dance!

-Baby Shark

- Go Noodle!

- Going on a Dargon Hunt Yoga movemenet

- Going on a Bear/Lion Hunt

- 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed

Combine movement activities with a variety of vocabulary:

- names of items, animal sounds, location words (inside, up, down), actions (go, stop, freeze, dance, run, jump, hop, skip, crawl), adverbs (fast, slow), verbs

Use verbal routines:

- 1,2,3 jump! ready set go!

Combine movements and gestures with song.


Build an obstacle course using these tunnels. You can hide toys, or puzzle pieces in side, and have a race so that your kids can find requested items. They can also practice naming items by picking what goes in (using point, gesture, animal sound or words!)

Idea's of what to hide:

- animals




- play food

-stuffed animals

Amy Contant, M.A.,CCC-SLP, CLC

Simple Speech

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