Speech Therapy Tricks: Learn with the Pups

Updated: Mar 8

Communication and learning tips when playing with your furry friends at home!

Dogs and other pets are wonderful companions, and they can also be useful tools when teaching your young one to label, request, protest, and comment on the world around them.


Dogs are often people pleasers, they like to be praised and of course they like treats. You can work together with your children to teach the dog a new trick or the basics.

When teaching a command to a dog use a simple one word phrase with lots of repetition. Gestures may help. For example if you raise a treat up, the dog will often automatically put his or her bottom down to sit. You can work together with your child to help teach the word sit to your dog and provide praise as he or she does a good job. This can be great because it will help make the connection between the action in the name, And you will have many opportunities to practice. You’re a little one can then have many opportunities to show family and friends their new skills by using their verbal language and gesture to have the dog sit, or do his trick for a treat.


Story time can also be a great way to interact with pets. Encourage your children to sit in a quiet space near the animal (animal may do better In this activity if they are sleepy and relaxed) and let them show the animal pictures or retail of familiar bedtime story.


Talking about the pets location is a nice way to introduce and repeat prepositions. Comment on where the dog is, or where his/her toys are, by using specific location words (Inside, out, next to, under, on top, above)


It is always a good idea to practice pointing to and naming body parts. Keep in mind a child should be able to identify body parts before they may reliably label them.

Practice finding body parts on your dog or cat, then see if you were a little one can find body parts on you and themselves.

Do you have other ways that pets and animals can help teach communication or new concepts at home? Comment below to share!

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