Picky Eaters: Food Play Made Simple

Updated: Mar 8

A great way to introduce food to picky or selective eaters is through food play. Here are some idea's that you can use with kids as you introduce some of their non-preferred foods to them.

- cup play, pick up food and put it in a cup, count or dump any type of preferred or

nonpreferred food.

- make a necklace out of cereal or pasta

- bread crumbs or oats with food coloring

- play with bath toys and pudding/jello (these ones light up when wet!)

- make a face out of vegetables

- pretend to feed a doll or stuffed animal

- a scavenger hunt in a bucket of pasta or other textured food ( or I spy...)

- dye beans, rice, pasta different colors

- make art by gluing dried food onto paper, paint with fruit or vegetables

See this link for edible food paint .

See this link for Adventures in Veggie Land

See these links for food play ideas on pinterest!

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