NEW SERVICE: Conversation Meetups

Updated: Mar 19

Spanish for Speech Language Pathology, LLC is introducing a Conversation Meetup. You might find the conversation group beneficial if you are interested in improving your processing speed or confidence in Spanish. Many of us have studied Spanish, but have not been provided with extensive opportunities to communicate ONLY in Spanish. The lack of practice leaves a gap between the knowledge we have, and the confidence and fluency we emit to others. During the Conversation Meetups, you are responsible for looking up target words you plan on using but will receive direct recommendations and support from a trained facilitator. You will have ample opportunities to use conversational and industry-specific vocabulary with your SLP colleagues and the Spanish for SLP team. Online meeting times are set for multiple times per month to accommodate your busy schedules.

Do you have any questions about this opportunity? If you are interested in participating but have questions, or are interesting in serving as a (native/near-fluent) Spanish-speaking conversation partner Fill in the contact form on our website to get in touch!

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