Commit to your passion in three simple steps

Updated: Jan 18

Find a “coach” to help you identify or build your passion. We all could use a little guidance and wisdom from someone who has ‘been there, done that”. Learn from someone who has made the mistakes, learned the lessons, and can teach you how to align your valuable time to meet your goals. A coach shares their experience, innovation, and enthusiasm, to motivate and shape your actions into results. With the help of a coach, you can nurture your passion until your dreams become a reality.


Join a community with like-minded individuals. Each person brings a unique perspective, background, and experience to the table - and there is no better way to maintain motivation for continued progress than by aligning your interests with others. Use this space to ask questions, build new ideas together, motivate and support each other’s ventures.


Invest in a class. Investing comes in many forms, and I am encouraging you to invest time, energy, and even money ($-$$$) into your passion. Passion projects are excellent vessels to explore our creative sides and learn new skills. As we refine skills, we build confidence and appreciation of self. As we gain confidence, we generate more drive to continue our journey. As we improve self-appreciation, we find more ways in which our new skills can benefit our professional and personal lives. Invest in yourself so that you can earn your spot at any seat of the table you desire.


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Amy Contant, M.A.,CCC-SLP, CLC

Spanish for SPeech Language Pathology

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