3 Benefits of becoming bilingual

Updated: Jan 17

Maybe you took language courses through high school but haven’t studied since. Perhaps your grandparents speak a language other than English, but they didn’t pass on their mother tongue. If you consider learning a second language, you should review the following benefits of becoming bilingual.


Boosted Attention

Speaking more than one language involves coordinating two communication systems. In the process of coordinating, you need to decide what language you hear, file through language systems to select, find meaning and determine how to respond. The more adept you are in completing these transitions, the more familiar and focused you are in the language you are communicating in.

Enhanced Empathy

It is challenging to learn a language. As SLPs, we are accustomed to working with children who have difficulties communicating. When we expose ourselves to the challenges of learning a new language as an adult, we place ourselves in the shoes of children (or adults) struggling to acquire language. We can better understand the confidence and self-compassion one needs to express oneself, persevere through errors, and pursue improved proficiency.

Protection against cognitive decline and dementia

Researchers believe that using two languages has a protective effect against age-related dementia and perhaps is the result of changes in the brain's structure from managing two language systems.

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