Speech Therapy: Articulation Made Simple

Updated: Mar 8

Check this chart and compare the sounds that you hear your child producing. Below are updated norms for speech sound production of English.

Is your child mispronouncing sounds that most of their peers have mastered. Do they have so much to say, but people (including you sometimes..) are asking them for clarification? Do you find yourself interpreting for your child? Is he/she getting frustrated easily when not understood? If so.. reach out to a local SLP. Remember an speech language pathologist (SLP) is going to recommend therapy based on function and expected age of development. The SLP will consider how intelligible your child is to his primary care-givers, less familiar listeners, and the clinician themselves. They will be able to dissect speech production at different levels (isolation, word level, sentence level, conversation), and help structure appropriate home practice to improve speech production.

If your child is struggling with articulation and not qualifying for service in school, a private speech therapist may be able to assist you outside of the academic setting! (School systems provide services based on child's ability to access the curriculum. If a child is doing well academically he or she may not be provided with structured 1;1 speech therapy at school).

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