7-day Improvement Plan by Spanish for SLP

Follow this 7-day plan to improve your Spanish by 1% every single day.

Day 1: Learn one new word a day - write down the phonetic pronunciation, and the translation in English/Spanish.

Day 2: Record yourself saying the word, play back the recording to listen to it!

Day 3: Use this new word in a sentence or phrase (it’s okay if you don’t know a lot of Spanish, you can copy an example given in the dictionary, and practice reading it aloud!)

Day 4: Watch a TV Show, telenovela, or movie in Spanish with subtitles in English.

Day 5: Read one Children’s Book in Spanish (you can pick a book that has one word per page or a more advanced language learner- start simple and increase difficulty each week).

Day 6: Check the Spanish for Speech Language Pathology Instagram for new educational posts.

Day 7: Listen to one Super Simple Spanish song.

In order to increase accountability, you can register for a conversational meetup, case study meetup, Beginner Spanish program, or Medical Spanish program. (Click here to see available programs and save your spot! - Don’t forget to explore the website to learn more about our offerings and check out our blog posts!)

By committing to a program, you will begin to work toward building stronger study habits with opportunities to learn and practice with other Speech Language Pathologists and the supportive staff of Spanish for Speech Language Pathology, LLC. With these programs, you will increase your accountability to study, which will reinforce the small changes you are taking each day.

These changes will take some time to ‘accumulate’. Think of it as compounding interest, the more pennies you put in your jar, the more money you will save over the weeks, months, years.

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