Welcome to Medical Spanish for Dysphagia

This Medical Spanish for Dysphagia course will enhance your interactions with Spanish-speaking individuals. This online, live course targets vocabulary that is specific to the field of dysphagia and speech language pathology.  In this course, you will understand and utilize the terminology of Spanish in the areas of anatomy,  assessment vocabulary, and intervention. 


You will benefit from this course if you are interested in  the following:

  • Target language to incorporate into your interactions and dysphagia care. 

  • Improve the efficiency of your interactions with Spanish-speaking patients and families to build trust and confidently engage in aspects of your care

  • Connect in a more meaningful way by practicing interactions in Spanish.

  •  Learn targeted vocabulary for the area of dysphagia with our online, live classes. 

Child at the Pediatrician
Nurse And Patient

What will I learn? 
Vocabulary in the context of speech language pathology


Learn to introduce yourself and your profession in Spanish. 


Learn and use expressive and receptive language skills to demonstrate understanding of anatomy vocabulary. 


Roleplay and review case studies to listen for and use evaluation vocabulary, including equipment, types of assessments, and descriptions. 

Oral motor screening 

Practice completing an oral motor screening in role playing activities!


Learn vocabulary that will facilitate clear communication of the treatment plan.  Practice your skills with case studies! 

interpetation and bilingual service devliery 

Demonstrate understanding of moral and ethical guidelines for continued use of interpretation, questions to ask  for verifying language proficiency , and learn more about bilingual service delivery 


"The course was  what I needed to continue practicing my Spanish skills and learn vocabulary that pertained to my career as an SLP"


"The course provided ample information for using the Spanish language 


"It is a great stepping stone for SLPs who may be interested in improving their knowledge of another language!"


"Great, educational course! I learned a lot


"I liked the variety of information presented, and that various settings and populations were considered"

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