Beginner Spanish for SLP

Welcome to Beginner Spanish for SLP, where you will learn basic vocabulary, questions, and phrases.  Through this course, you will combine simple sentences for various communicative purposes.

Course Outline


  1. Classes will last one hour.

  2. This is a six-week course.

  3. This course consists of a small group interactive instruction - so be prepared to practice using your Spanish in the context of speech therapy.  

  4. You will be given study materials and homework each week. 

  5. You will practice ‘having fun’ using Spanish in common speech therapy activities!

Week 1

  • Bienvenidos! 

  • Speech Pathology in Spanish: What does it mean, why is it important? 

  • Introductions: Learn how to introduce your profession and self.

  • Learn basic Spanish to navigate our course 

  • Learn Farm Animal

  • Group Activity and Practice

Week 2

  • Review Introductions and Farm Animals 

  • Learn Body Parts and simple phrases for Play

  • Music time! 

  • Group Activity and Practice 

Week  3

  • Review Body parts and Play! 

  • Learn ocean vocabulary: ocean animals 

  • Learn and practice using prepositions

  • Combing vocabulary we've learned for play, request, comments, and commands

  • Group Activity and Practice 

Week  4

  • Clothing

  • Learn how to label and recognize clothing names

  • Group Activity and Practice 

Week  5

Simple commands to help you modify behavior  or provide instruction

Comments: Learn how to change verb forms to supply simple narratives and commentary on your actions and pictures

Group Activity and Practice

Week  6

Show off your stuff! Lesson plans and student presentation

Review of the use of interpretation in the field of speech language pathology 

ASHA Bilingual Service Devliery 

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