Conversational Meetups Are Here! 

Do you ever feel embarrassed when you try to SPEAK in Spanish? Or maybe you feel a uncertain about your skills because you don't use them as often as you want? Trust me; I've been there. And that's why I decided to develop Spanish for Speech Language Pathology Conversation Meetups. 


What's included?

  • Meet with other SLPs (SLPAs) and the Spanish for SLP staff to practice speech therapy activities or regular conversation in real-time! 

  • Participate in conversation topics and activities provided by Spanish for SLP. 

  • Receive individual feedback and support 

  • Put your Spanish knowledge to use to increase your confidence.

  • Workaround your schedule and virtual, join where you can when you can. 

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ONLY $10 to join!
Registration to save your spot as space is limited to 10 SLPs, SLPAs, graduate students!