Welcome to Spanish for Speech Language Pathology.

Are you re-starting your Spanish language journey after a long time apart? 

Do you have a lot of skills but want to refine your grammar? 

Are you looking for some industry specific vocabulary? 

Have you wanted to learn Spanish but don't know where to begin? 

Spanish for Speech Language Pathology consists of a team of Bilingual Speech Language Pathologists who  provide specialized Spanish language courses tailored for speech language pathology. 


Our goal is to provide English-speaking Speech Language Pathologists, Speech language Pathology assistants, and future SLPs, with industry-specific vocabulary and individualized support for learning Spanish as a second language.  

Our small group online space provides convenient, high-quality lessons to learn, use, and practice your Spanish as a second language in the context of speech language pathology.  

Are you looking to get started on your Spanish language journey? Or to brush up on that rusty high school Spanish? The Beginner Spanish for Speech language Pathology is calling your name! 


Do you work in a medical setting and wish you knew more medical terminology for dysphagia? Try our Medical Spanish for Dysphagia course.  

We offer safe and intimate spaces for continued learning and practice in our Conversation Meetups


Looking for a place to improve your industry-specific vocabulary, why not try our Case Study Meetups.  


Not sure what program option is the best for you? Have other questions?  Fill out the form below to connect with us! 

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"For someone who hasn't taken Spanish since high school, the refreshers were vital! Amy has a great energy and was able to guide us through teaching each other and was always open to my many questions!! I love the resources I have now and look forward to future classes!"



"Great, educational course! I learned a lot and liked the variety of information presented, and that various settings and populations were considered."



"Small class size which provided the opportunity to practice my Spanish skills more frequently. The instructor was very knowledgeable and never hesitated to complete further research to provide us with the correct and most appropriate answers!"



It was a great way to learn some basic Spanish words and phrases that I can use during sessions. It has given me the tools to understand Spanish vocabulary said by students. I have used it as a starting point to my Spanish learning and I can’t wait to use it and learn more!

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